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My first destination down under

So CUTE!!!!!

So CUTE!!!!!
These are my new best friends

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

8 Days Till Take-off!

Today is July 5th and I am trying to finish up work from the school year so that I can leave for Australia on the 13th with both a clear conscience and a clear desk!

Needless to say - the day-dreaming about the trip is going better than the cleaning up of the workspace. 

The plan is to land in Sydney on the 15th of July, spend my exchange time with my host-partner until the morning of the 28th and then head up to Cairns.  No use in heading the the other side of the planet without giving myself the opportunity to see its most amazing natural wonders.  Great Barrier Reef - here I come!  From there, I head to Alice Springs on August 3rd with plans to do a camping trip to Uluru.  On the 7th, I head down to Melbourne and leave the land down under completely on the 10th. 

There will be lots of pictures and information as I make my way through the country so keep checking back!

Until then....

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  1. HI Crissa - I am guessing you have arrived yesterday, according to the time zones. Was thinking about you around dinner time wondering how exhausted you were, just in case I do this trip next year.